History of Grove Cemetery

Early History

The early settlers of Belfast made provisions for a burying place as part of the first division of the land. In 1769, 10 acres of land on the east side was set aside for a meetinghouse and graveyard.

The next cemetery was laid out on the west side, near where the Baptist Church is now. The first burial there was in 1790, and this cemetery was used until Grove Cemetery was laid out in 1830. The following year, a parcel of five acres was bought from Captain William Avery for $500. The land was laid out and lots were sold. Reverend Alfred Johnson was the first to be interred in May 1837.

Land Purchases

Grove Cemetery is made up of five different purchases:

  1. The original five acres in 1831
  2. Two different tracts in 1865 of almost three acres
  3. Thirteen acres in 1889
  4. Five acres in 1924
  5. Five acres in 1946

In 1975, the City laid out the new section of Grove in which lots are still available for sale. We have approximately 50 acres of grounds that we care for. Nearly 9,000 people are interred at Grove Cemetery.