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Climate Change Committee
  • First and third Tuesday of each month. On months that have five Tuesdays, the committee will use the fifth Tuesday for work sessions or otherwise conduct extra business, per agenda.
  • 8:00 am - 9:00 am
  • City Hall, Conference Room A
Members: 8-10 Members(including 2 Council members) Initially, 1 year terms
  • Samantha Paradis (Mayor) Chair
  • Eric Sanders (Councilor)
  • Barbara Bell, Secretary Term Exp: March 19, 2019
  • Jonathan Beal, Vice Chair Term Exp: March 19, 2019
  • Sara Bennett Term Exp: March 19, 2019
  • Henry Reisner Term Exp: March 19, 2019
  • Beverly Roxby Term Exp: March 19, 2019
  • Phil Brown  Term Exp: March 19, 2019
  • Lucky Greenleaf  Term Exp: March 19, 2019
  • Emma Swartz  Term Exp: March 19, 2019
*Any email for the committee should be addressed to its Secretary ()

Committee Established: March 20, 2018

Mission Statement:
To catalyze actions throughout the Belfast community for a sustainable future while adapting to climate change.

Introduction to CCC:

The CCC’s mission is to catalyze actions throughout the Belfast community for a sustainable future while adapting to climate change. That means adapting to the reality of the problem, but it also means taking on projects that mitigate the community’s carbon footprint and deliver cost savings as well.   

While the City’s Energy Committee has been working on sustainability and cost savings measures for our municipal operations and facilities, CCC will expand its work into the broader community, networking with other sustainability groups active throughout the state to help tackle the increasing complexities brought about by climate change, especially to coastal communities.  It has been shown throughout the US that when businesses, industries and residents begin addressing climate change the entire community benefits. 

Recognizing that everyone in Belfast is a potential stakeholder, we look forward to engaging both individuals and groups of people in specific local projects that advance our goals.   We also have plenty of resources from which to draw for assistance as we address each new project, from other cities’ experiences to various experts in their fields.  Our agendas and minutes are available on the City’s website (, and we are working to have our webpage here provide useful information to the public. We welcome your suggestions, questions, and comments as we move forward. We reserve time at every regular meeting for the public to speak, or contact the CCC Secretary, Barbara Bell, .  Thank you!    

Committee Membership: 
This committee was established with a 1 year term. The Council has requested to review the success of the committee at the Council meeting to be held on march 19, 2019. If it finds the committee to be successful, the Council may establish other terms of membership.

Upcoming Events:

Thursday, July 19, 5-7 pm at Hutchinson Center, Room 138C, Belfast. “Predicting Storm Surge in a Scenario of Rising Sea Level.” UMaine researchers Fr. Kim Huguenard and Dr. Laura Rickard will showcase results of an ongoing National Science Foundation (NSF)-funded citizen science project to measure storm surge in 3 Maine estuaries with varying physical characteristics. Discussion will cover how this information can help communities plan for future coastal development and climate change adaptation. Free and open to the public. Refreshments. FMI: 

Friday, July 20, 10:30 a.m. at UMaine’s Darling Marine Center, Walpole. “High Water, Extreme Floods and Coastal Systems.” Science Seminar Series at UMaine’s Darling Marine Center, Walpole. Expert Jon Woodruff talks about the impacts of last winter’s storms, which broke records for coastal flooding. Free and open to the public.


Committee Draft Documents for Current Project on Sea-Level Rise (SLR):



First phase (done by September)

Description of causes, impacts, risks, quantified, illustrated, current as much as possible.

General model is Camden report, but here expanded.

*[submit to Council in September]*

Second phase (done by December)

Cost of October ’17 storm; estimated costs of no action; estimated costs of possible actions.

Compile list of various plausible funding sources.

*[submit to Council in December]*

Third phase (done by March)

Recommended actions; schedule.

*[submit to Council in March]*

2. OUTLINE for SLR REPORT (First phase)



I. Table of Contents

II. Executive Summary

III. Introduction/Background  

          A. Definitions of important terms, e.g. sea-level rise (SLR), surge, etc.

          B. Bird’s-eye view of data sources

                   1. Global

                   2. US

                   3. Maine

          C. Basic causes of SLR/surge

          D. Basic impacts of SLR/surge


IV. Comparison of scenarios, a range of possible SLRs over defined periods during this century in Belfast (illustrated with maps)

(This section could be a series of brief introductions to each data source and then simply a table, with a conclusion about where the predictions converge.)

          A. Maine’s Climate Future: comments on authority; prediction   |

          B. [NOAA]: comments on authority; prediction               |       

          C. [ME Sea Grant]: comments on authority; prediction              |[Various selected               D. [Island Institute expert]: comments on authority; prediction |sources;#uncertain]      E. [Harbormaster source]: comments on authority; prediction   |

V. Predicted impacts (illustrated with photos/maps/simulations)

          A. Extent of damage to public or private infrastructure and property @ Harbor

          B. Extent of damage to developed property at vulnerable points elsewhere along shoreline

          C. Extent of damage to land and marine ecosystems

VI. Risk assessment for predicted scenarios

          A. [Table]

          B. Policy issues regarding risk