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Workforce Development
CareerCenter On-The-Job Training Program
This program reimburses an employer for up to 50% of an employee’s wages for up to twelve 40-hour weeks (480 hours), defraying the costs associated in training a new employee until the individual is performing at a higher capacity. This program is eligible for previously unemployed workers; employers should contact the CareerCenter prior to actually making the hire if they wish to participate in this program.  The CareerCenter can also prepare potential candidates with related classroom training prior to hire.  Read more about the CareerCenter.

Maine Quality Centers
This program provides 100% state-financed education and training for new employees, as well as customized recruitment and guaranteed fast-track training designed to employer specifications. The education and training programs are coordinated and delivered through Maine's seven community colleges, and they will work with businesses to develop the training program if it is not yet designed at the time of application. Read more about Maine Quality Centers.