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Posted on: August 21, 2020

Belfast Transfer Station unable to take returnables at this time

inside Transfer Station

Hello Belfast!!!

We have some unfortunate news for everyone. Over the past couple months we have been struggling internally to keep the Good Cause Program up and running.

Due to Covid-19 issues the redemption center that was taking care of the bottles and cans is no longer able to continue those efforts.

We reached out to several local redemption centers to see if they could pick up where the other redemption center left off. None of them could provide the great service we had been getting.

Most recently Little River Redemption Center was helping us out by sending an employee here to process the bottles, but due to some unfortunate issues they can no longer take care of us.

We have amassed quite a large amount of material. Our Warehouse is becoming cluttered with large boxes of returnable bottles/cans.

With no simple solutions to this problem we will have to stop taking donations here at the Belfast Transfer Station. Blane Webber from Waldo Ave Redemption Center has kindly agreed to accept donations for the Good Cause Program at his facility at 136 Waldo Ave.

We will keep you all posted and should we be able to accept the donations here again we will let you know.

If we could ask a huge favor of the public, please don’t discard the bottles and cans on the ground around the recycling portholes, or by the trash hopper. We have a limited number of staff here, they have plenty to do beyond picking up recklessly discarded items.

If anyone has any questions please contact Mike McFadden at 338-1817.

Thank you for your patience as we work our way through the many challenges we’ve all encountered over the last several months. I’m confident we will find a solution at some point.

Mike McFadden, City of Belfast, Transfer Station Manager

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