Waldo County CSA's

Belfast wants to increase the number of households who annually purchase a share of great produce from local growers. Our goal is to have the highest CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) participation rate in New England.

Many participate today through 26 local growers. Here’s how you can support your local economy and eat really fresh and flavorful locally grown food:

Community Supported Agriculture

What Is a CSA? A CSA is a loosely organized group of customers and farmers who arrange to sell "shares" of a farmers' crop to the customer. Some CSA’s deliver directly to customers workplaces, but others allow you to pick up your share at a local collection point.
When you join a CSA, you sign up for a weekly supply of fresh fruits and vegetables from a participating farm. Deliveries are usually delivered with tasty recipes and storage tips. Additionally, some CSA’s have year-round availability, featuring fall and winter crops. Many CSA’s allow you to sign up per-season so you only pay for the seasonal crops you're interested in. Depending on how large the CSA share is or how many seasons you sign up for they typically start around $150 for a single growing season. The initial investment can seem steep, but compare it to how much you spend on produce at a farmer's market or grocery store every week over a similar period.

Why Should I Join a CSA?

  • The Freshest Possible Seasonal Eats: Since all of the fruit, vegetables, you get from a CSA are locally-grown, everything you get as part of your share will likely be grown within Waldo County. That means it's picked when ripe, and not frozen and trucked across country before getting to you. Also, as the weather changes, crops will change too - you'll get lettuces and tomatoes in the spring and summer, and squash and apples in the fall - when they're perfectly ripe.
  • Supports Local Farmers: Unlike buying from a grocery store, CSA’s are a great way to give money directly to the Waldo County farmers that grow your fruits and vegetables. CSA’s often deliver your "share," or your portion of the harvest to your workplace, or let you pick up your share from a central location.

How Do I Join a CSA?
To select one of the 26 Waldo County Farms and farm shares that will work best for you visit the MOFGA website. Directories:Community Supported Agriculture in Maine. We will also post a list on the City’s website. You can review example shares from each farm to find the price and options that work best for you and your family. Once you've found a CSA in Waldo County, joining is usually as simple as filling out your information on the group's website or placing a phone call. You'll often have to pay for your seasonal share in two installments, first around February (this helps the farmers plan, prepare, and sustain themselves) and second before your initial share is ready in early summer.

Need help budgeting for your CSA share?
Contact your local bank for a CSA Savings Account. The following Belfast branches have all agreed to open fee-free savings account with bank checks made out to the CSA farm of your choice. Ask your local teller about these accounts to plan for your seasonal shares at: Camden National Bank, Bangor Savings Bank, Key Bank, and Damariscotta Bank and Trust. This is a new program where Belfast’s Banks will help Belfast people put a little away here and there so that when its time to pay your next share the money is already there.
Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) groups are a great way to support local Waldo County farmers while making sure the freshest seasonal fruits and vegetables wind up in your fridge and on your dinner table.
For more information contact the Belfast City Manager's Office at 207-338-3370, ext. 10.
Please use the following information for more information on Waldo County CSA Farms:

After the Fall Farm Winter CSA, Montville
Ararat Farm, Lincolnville
Ashgrove Farm and Gardens, Lincolnville
Bahner Farm, Belmont
Elderflower Farm, Lincolnville
Fisher Farm, Winterport
Freedom Farm, pickup site in Belfast
Living Land Farm, Winterport
Many Hands Farm, Thorndike
Meadowsweet Farm, Swanville
New Beat Farm, Knox and pickup site in Belfast
New Day Farm, Jackson
Newforest Institute, Brooks
North Branch Farm, Monroe
Pagett Farm, Palermo
Parker Produce, Bangor/Winterport/Newport
Proud Peasant Farm, Unity
Rolling Acres Farm, Monroe
Singing Nettle Farm, Brooks
Snakeroot Organic Farm, pickup in Unity
South Paw Farm, Unity
St. Martin de Tours, Palermo
Stormy Hill Farm, Knox
The Farmetta Farm, Morrill
Village Farm, Freedom
Village Green Organic Produce, Troy