Marriage Licenses

How to Obtain a Marriage License

The State of Maine requires Maine residents to obtain a marriage license in the town/city where they reside. If the bride and groom reside in two different communities, they only have to apply in one of the communities. If only one person either the bride or the groom is a Maine resident, they must apply in the town/city where the Maine resident lives. If the bride and groom are both out-of-state residents, they can apply in any town/city in the State of Maine and get married in any town/city within Maine.

  • Complete the Intentions Form that is required to obtain a Marriage License in Maine.
  • A $40 license fee is required, this does not include a certified copy after the marriage has been performed.
  • Maine does not require blood tests.
  • In the case of a second marriage, a certified/attested copy of the death certificate or divorce decree is required. (A certified or attested copy has a raised seal and/or original signature - no photocopies accepted)
  • Maine no longer has a waiting period for Marriage licenses. The license is valid 90 days from the date the intentions are filed.
  • Certified copies of the marriage certificate can be purchased at the time you get your license and we will mail you the certificate after your officiant has filed the license.
  • Certified copies are required for name changes with social security and other agencies.

A list of Notaries who may perform a marriage ceremony in the area is provided HERE.