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Broadband Service
Current Services
Approximately 95% of the area located within Belfast's Route 1 bypass, and 70% of the area outside of it, can obtain broadband service, wired and/or wireless.  A number of companies provide broadband services in Belfast, including Charter Communications, FairPoint Communications, GWI, LCI, and UniTel.  Direct fiber service is available to businesses in a large portion of the downtown.
   Please view map of broadband (wired and fixed wireless) coverage in Belfast.

Three Ring Binder Project
Future access to broadband services are expected to be enhanced in the future by the construction of the Maine Fiber Company’s Three Ring Binder Project, as its southern ring is expected to be constructed directly through the City of Belfast. The Three Ring Binder network, when completed, will be a 1,100-mile high-capacity, fiber-optic network that will serve as the central arteries for other carriers to provide high-speed internet service to customers in rural Maine. It will be a true dark fiber asset and provide the fiber for telecom carriers to provide service to their customers. In the past, carriers seeking to obtain dark fiber service along the Three Ring Binder route have routinely been denied access by incumbent fiber providers.